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耀약 Trehalose Moisturizing Skin Guardian

 Trehalose Moisturizing Guard Cream
Product Description

 No alcohol, synthetic fragrance or artificial color. Insistence on natural herbal extract in our formula.


[Chinese Formula]


Trehalose Moisturizing Guard Cream


Natural herbal extract,  Chinese formula,  the best way to pamper your skin

(Moisturizing and water retention cream)


•A new generation of moisturizing       ingredients that keeps every drop of water inside.

Creamy light texture, smooth like silk and easy to expand.

•Top ingredients, delay aging process and prevent the formation of melanin.

•During the day, it is a primer; During the night, it is a gel mask.

Apply before the makeup; keep the moisture all day long.

Non-lasting makeup is usually caused by water-oil imbalance.

To keep your makeup stay put all day, keeping the hydration is the significant.


The Best Chinese Formula, Ginseng extract


Ginseng extract can delay the aging process, prevent pigmentation and elevate skin vitality.


Glycosyl Trehalose pumps moisture deep into the skin.


    Adapted the ingredient named the sugar of life in cosmetics, Glycosyl Trehalose; it can survive from high heat, super cold, extremely dry and humid circumstances. For its stability, it forms a special barrier on the surface of cells and effectively defends external aggressors for skin.

    Its renown property is water retention ability. Protect hydration loss from the skin and become one of the most powerful moisturizing ingredients.

Neroli Oil

Soothing and fresh natural essential oil fragrance


Neroli oil brings you a refreshing scent attached on your skin. During the day, you can apply it as a primer and during the night, it can be gel mask. It reinforces the ability to repair damage skin cells and stimulate skin metabolism. Replenish day and night so that skin reduces moisture lost. It’s the best guardian of your skin.


Herbal Ingredients pass over thousands of years

Chamomilla Recutita Extract and Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract are great anti-allergy, anti-inflammation, anti-irritation, and anti-microbial agents. They reduce the damage caused by unhealthy skin barriers. Cucumis Sativus, Green Tea Extract and other herbal extract pump in energy, assist skin revitalizing, enhance skin elasticity, delay aging process, whitening, moisturizing, lightening, multi-functions in one. Lock in all the moisturizing essence, reduce skin hydration loss and feel the suppleness all the time.



 About the natural Chinese herbal formula


Glycosyl Trehalose

Glycosyl Trehalose can activate and protect your skin cells, prevent the UV damage and prolong the moisturizing effect. Improve dry fatigued skin and reinforce the skin barrier protection.


Ginseng Extract

Ginseng has been known as the "king of herb", and it is widely used in Chinese medicine. It not only keeps you healthy but also prolongs your life. In cosmetic use, it has great effect on nourishing and moisturizing skin. Applying skin care products contains ginseng extract could improve skin resilience, water-oil balance and retrieve a healthy skin.

Neroli Oil

Extracted from bitter orange flowers, it can elevate skin cell vitality, assist skin cell renewal, and improve skin resilience, delay ageing process. Whitening, moisturizing, nourishing, and lightening pigmentation. Suitable for sensitive, dry and conditioned skin types.


Chamomilla Recutita Extract

Chamomilla Recutita Extract is rich in AZULENE and Saponins. It is very soothing, helping to calm inflamed conditions such as acne, rashes, and burns and also useful for sensitive skin. It can reduce the appearance of broken capillaries, improve skin elasticity, and strengthen skin function. It is a great ingredient to decrease irritation and inflammation, making for calmer, clearer skin. It is widely used in every kind of skin product for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties, also used as a natural fragrance to non-synthetic fragrance products.

Glycyrrhiza Glabra Extract

The stem and root contains great anti-allergy ingredient, it can comfort and soothe skin, reduce the discomfort caused by sensitive skin. For its anti-inflammation property, it reduces the irritation that may cause by damaged skin barrier while cleansing. It is widely used in Chinese herbal medicine for ulcers, depression and canker sores.

Cucumis Sativus

Cucumber Extract has an extremely soothing effect on the skin. It serves as an antioxidant that helps soothe, calm skin irritation, and relieve puffy skin. The moisture-regulating is perfect for revitalizing and hydrating; balancing skin PH level and improving pigmentation of skin.


Green Tea Extract

Green tea contains rich Catechins which can resist free radicals and aging, prevent pigmentation and revitalize skin.

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice

Natural aloe extract from aloe leaf, it has great moisturizing and anti-inflammation properties. It is widely used in burn wound, open wound and skin allergy symptom relief. The extract can help comfort and soothe irritated skin. In many clinical trials, it has been proven to be a great anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation agent. It helps the healing of wounds and repair skin cell tissue. Aloe extract can reduce the damage that may occur while cleansing your skin.

Pearl Extract

Pearl extract contains around 20 amino acids including the one that heal and maintain the cells in human body. It works as anti-ageing, lightening and smoothing agents. It is also a great anti-oxidant. It effectively protects skin, elevate skin metabolism and improve fatigued skin, restores skin radiance and health.

Company Information


Mdmmd. Taiwan original brand, commits ourselves to producing first-class skin care and cosmetic products.

        Mdmmd. started with eight classic and iconic skincare products, including waterdrop cream, cc cream and snail serum and soon became an upward trend in On-line beauty products sales.


Award Winning:

Our Exclusive star product—Waterdrop cream, Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask, and Bio Whitening Overnight Mask had been chosen as 2013 the supreme products on net by FashionGuide, one of largest cosmetic website in Taiwan.

Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask had won the UrCosme 2013 Internet beauty Award Champion Mask.

Waterdrop cream was voted as the best face cream in 2014 Yahoo Taiwan Beauty Award among other six thousand skincare products.


        With all the successful experiences, we want to create further expansion to provide high quality OEM, ODM service. 

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