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SO Q Queen Bee Youth Mask

 Queen Bee Youth Mask



The Bestie for Mature Sensitive Skin

Suitable for Daily Use!



Age Reversing!!!


Enriched in MELACLEAR 2 ™, it contains stable proteinase.

VIT.A can gently eliminate pigmented skin cells and suppress melanin

formation. By breaking down Keratin, it gets rid of the pigmented cells

on your skin, lighten your skin tone and retrieve a youthful skin!





The size of silk protein is only 1/200 of collagen. Silk Protein

can penetrate into skin layers and be absorbed instantly. It

prolongs moisturizing effect and stimulates collagen production. It increases the water capacity in your cells. And it locks in the moisture in your cells, balances skin, forms a protection shield and reduces moisture loss. Effectively soften your skin, prevent cracking, wrinkles and ageing!'





Amino Acid and Vitamins moisturize and smooth skin.

Silk protein and peptide work similar as placenta.

Rich Vitamins and Oligo accelerate skin metabolism and prevent 

wrinkles and pigmentation; skin feels refreshed and younger.





Chamomilla Recutita calms skin irritation, itchiness, soothes allergic symptoms and work as an anti-biotic and anti-virus agent. It can also prevent pigmentation and dark spots. Wine Extract prevents wrinkle formation; creates a smooth and supple skin.

Wine Extract contains Red Wine Polyphenols and it suppresses the early state of wrinkle formation. Skin stays elastic and smooth. Also for its anti-free radical properties, it helps reduce tissue inflammation, diminishes free radical and calms allergy reaction!



Lyophilization Royal Jelly Powder

Protect Damaged Skin in All Aspect!



Mdmmd. Taiwan original brand, commits ourselves to producing first-class skin care and cosmetic products.

        Mdmmd. started with eight classic and iconic skincare products, including waterdrop cream, cc cream and snail serum and soon became an upward trend in On-line beauty products sales.


Award Winning:

Our Exclusive star product—Waterdrop cream, Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask, and Bio Whitening Overnight Mask had been chosen as 2013 the supreme products on net by FashionGuide, one of largest cosmetic website in Taiwan.

Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask had won the UrCosme 2013 Internet beauty Award Champion Mask.

Waterdrop cream was voted as the best face cream in 2014 Yahoo Taiwan Beauty Award among other six thousand skincare products.






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