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Upra® Flawless Emollient




Flawless Essence Emollient

Product Description


 Cleanse and clarify pores

Overproduction sebum, clogged pores, aged cuticle, dead skin cells are the reasons cause breakouts.

Breakouts mean that your follicles are clogged and there’s a great possibility that they could become papules or pustules. 


When you have skin condition, it can’t be solved only by skincare products. You have to choose cosmeceutical products, products that have medical or drug-like benefits.


Tips about skincare products and cosmetics 


In Taiwan, there are two different types of cosmetics according to Taiwan FDA. They are ordinary cosmetics and cosmeceutical cosmetics. Cosmeceutical cosmetics refer to cosmetics have medical or drug-like effect cosmetics. 


◊  Ordinary cosmetics need no certifications for market sale.

◊  Cosmeceutical cosmetics require high threshold, only the manufacturers who have professional testing process, developing and research ability can get the cosmeceutical cosmetic certifications.


Mdmmd. Flawless Essence Emollient is one of the few cosmeceutical products which can get rid of the real cause and prevent the occurrence of acne. 



Why can't I root out breakouts? Why can't I have skin like a baby?


Enlarged pores are caused by inadequate moisturizing. Moisturizing is not only about hydrating but also about sebum control.  Sweating doesn’t enlarge your pores but sebum secretion might. Children, comparing to teenagers or adults, have pretty healthy skin and balance sebum secretion, therefore, it’s rare to see enlarged pores on children skin. On the contrary, once we enter puberty, hormones in our body start to change. Oil and water may lose its balance and excessive sebum may enlarge pores. After puberty, most of the people’s hormone levels stabilize but the excessive sebum and the problem remain.  


Mdmmd. Flawless Essence Emollient is one of the few cosmeceutical moisturizing products. It helps the water-oil balance by control sebum secretion. Without excessive sebum, there is less chance for bacterial infection or breakouts forming. Leaving a skin like a baby.


Allantoin extracted from plants softens skins, provides assistance in purify sebum clogged in pores and promotes cell replication. It is a natural protectant for skin. Botanical extracts adjust overactive sebum, tighten pores, and increase the smoothness of skin.  



Upra stimulates cell renewal so that Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Powder and Beta Glucan can nourish skins swiftly and penetrate deeply into skin; enhance and speed up skin ability to repair itself.


Niacinamide, Ectoin and Sodium Hyaluronate  provide and maintain skin hydration and resistance, build up skin defense, and achieve great effect in anti-oxidation and anti-wrinkle. 


 Purify your pores, you will never have to worry about “breakouts.” 

 Maintain the vitality and health of your skin.   






Company Information


Mdmmd. Taiwan original brand, commits ourselves to producing first-class skin care and cosmetic products.

        Mdmmd. started with eight classic and iconic skincare products, including waterdrop cream, cc cream and snail serum and soon became an upward trend in On-line beauty products sales.


Award Winning:

Our Exclusive star product—Waterdrop cream, Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask, and Bio Whitening Overnight Mask had been chosen as 2013 the supreme products on net by FashionGuide, one of largest cosmetic website in Taiwan.

Polypeptide Resilience Lift Snail Bio-cellulose Mask had won the UrCosme 2013 Internet beauty Award Champion Mask.

Waterdrop cream was voted as the best face cream in 2014 Yahoo Taiwan Beauty Award among other six thousand skincare products.


        With all the successful experiences, we want to create further expansion to provide high quality OEM, ODM service. 

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