Do you need a "toner"?

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A lot of people are wondering what a toner can do and if they really need it. Well, if you choose your toner carefully, you will see the benefit of it.

What can a toner do?

  1. Soften your cuticles: Toner, especially for Asian brands, is more like a moisturizer than an astringent. It helps soften your cuticles and elevate the absorbency of the skin care products you apply later on.
  1. Re-hydrate: After cleansing, a toner can re-hydrate your skin for its water-based texture. Some people will use toner on the cotton pad as a mask. It is particularly great for those people who have dry skin or combination skin. However, before you apply this method, be aware that you shouldn't use toners that contains alcohol as a mask. It will only make your skin drier.
  1. Balance your skin: After cleansing, the pH balance of your skin is usually disturbed. A toner can help skin to restore the balance more efficiently.
  Now you know what's the benefit of toners, what else do you need to know? We sorted out some information for you.
  1. Should I pat on the toner or wipe it off with a pad?
  As we mentioned before that for most of the Asian Brands, a toner is a moisturizer. So a toner is better to be patted on and left on your skin. You can apply small amount of toner for multiple times and warm your face with your palm.
  1. How long should you let the toner mask stay on your face?
  It doesn't have to stay for more than 5 minutes. Don't wait until the pad dries out.
  1. If I already apply toner, can you skip the rest of the skin routine?
  The answer is "NO". Toner just moisturizes your skin. You need cream or emulsion to lock the moisture in. Toner only is not enough for your skin.
  Let's get prettier step by step and day by day~~~~
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